Eclectic Heights (new home of A Still Small Voice)

I’m a ... filmmaker, homeschool graduate, drama queen, cook, designer, Civil War reenactor, dancer, dog owner, teacher, crochetist, seamstress, Suduko fan, researcher, babysitter, photographer, writer, reader, entrepreneur, sister and daughter as is. Sword-fighter, actress, spelunker, white-water rafter, and ultra-light flyer wannabe. But ultimately a follower of Christ who strives to glorify God and draw closer to Him; aiming, as I grow in the Lord, to remember the words of 2 Timothy 2:22.

I Am Polyphemus (youtube channel)

I am Polyphemus. At least, my camera is; he's named after the cyclops in The Odyssey. My faithful minion, he records whatever I require of him. Here you will find an example of his workings.

Wrestle with the Angel (art and poetry blog)

Goethe said that everyone should read a little poetry and see a fine picture every day, to prevent worldly cares from overcoming our sense of the beautiful. Get your daily does of beauty at Wrestle with the Angel.

Welcome to the online home of the W.A.L. Family.


How but in custom and ceremony
Are Innocence and Beauty born?

—William Butler Yeats

Samantha Little enjoys writing essays, reading poetry, researching health topics, and teaching children. If you want to share a word with this quiet “Listener,” follow the sound of Baroque music played too loudly, or send her an email. The blog Linnet on the Leaf is updated once or twice monthly with essays, reviews, recipes, and lesson plans. It takes its name and motto from the poem by William Butler Yeats entitled “A Prayer for My Daughter.” He prays that his daughter would be like a flourishing green laurel in which her thoughts are a singing bird.