Impressionist Picture of a Garden

Sunshine. Thomas Edwin Mostyn.


Impressionist Picture of a Garden

Amy Lowell, 1919


Give me sunlight, cupped in a paint brush,

And smear the red of peonies

Over my garden.

Splash blue upon it,

The hard blue of Canterbury bells,

Paling through larkspur

Into heliotrope,

To wash away among forget-me-nots.

Dip red again to mix a purple,

And lay on pointed flares of lilacs against bright green.

Streak yellow for nasturtiums and marsh marigolds

And flame it up to orange for my lilies.

Now dot it so and so along an edge

Of Iceland poppies.

Swirl it a bit, and faintly,

That is honeysuckle.

Now put a band of brutal, bleeding crimson

And tail it off to pink, to give the roses.

And while you re loaded up with pink,

Just blotch about that bed of phlox.

Fill up with cobalt and dash in a sky

As hot and heavy as you can make it ;

Then tree-green pulled up into that

Gives a fine jolt of colour.

Strain it out,

And melt your twigs into the cobalt sky.

Toss on some Chinese white to flash the clouds,

And trust the sunlight you ve got in your paint.

There is the picture.