Don Quixote. Pablo Picasso. 1955.


Richard Wilbur


I read how Quixote in his random ride

Came to a crossing once, and lest he lose

The purity of chance, would not decide


Whither to fare, but wished his horse to choose.

For glory lay wherever he might turn.

His head was light with pride, his horse’s shoes


Were heavy, and he headed for the barn.


Picasso’s sketch is a submission of Fiona of Vista Court.

2 thoughts on “Parable”

  1. We have a copy of this painting framed in my house and I never cease to wonder at it. Sometimes it seems the most plain and simple things are the most intricate to decipher.

    This poem is a terrific portrayal of Don Quixote! Pride definitely leads to unpleasant places (in this case, the barn).

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