from the Prologue of The Faerie Queen

St. George Fighting the Dragon. Bernardo Martorell. 1435.
St. George Fighting the Dragon. Bernardo Martorell. 1435.


from the Prologue of The Faerie Queen

Edmund Spenser


Lo I the man, whose muse whilome did mask,

(As time her taught), in lowly shepherd’s weeds,

Am now enforced a far unfitter task,

For trumpets stern, to change mine Oaten reeds,

And sing of Knights and Ladies gentle deeds;

Whose praises having slept in silence long,

Me, all too mean, the Muse areeds

To blazon broad amongst her learnéd throng:

Fierce wars and faithfull loves shall moralize my song.

3 thoughts on “from the Prologue of The Faerie Queen”

  1. What an exceptional example of the International Gothic Style!

    It’s interesting to see Madonna depicted with a high forehead – very much like Queen Elizabeth’s which was of course plucked, according to the fashion of that era. :) Kind of funny.

    1. It’s a beautiful painting. The woman portrayed is the princess St. George saves from the dragon; she is given the name Una in The Faerie Queen, in which she portrays Truth.

      That is a funny hairstyle. It is fascinating how wildly fashions change!

  2. Madonna! Ah, yes! For some reason I had the strangest idea that Madonna was watching it all, ensuring the knight’s triumph. That was embarrassing. :/

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