The Little Home

Diane's Cottage, Beaumont le Roger. Louis Aston Knight.
Diane’s Cottage, Beaumont le Roger. Louis Aston Knight.


The Little Home

Edgar Albert Guest


The little house is not too small

To shelter friends who come to call.

Though low the roof and small its space

It holds the Lord’s abounding grace,

And every single room may be

Endowed with  happy memory.


The little house, severely plain,

A wealth of beauty may contain.

Within it those who dwell may find

High faith which makes for peace of mind,

And that sweet understanding which

Can make the poorest cottage rich.


The little house can hold all things

From which the soul’s contentment springs.

‘Tis not too small for love to grow,

For all the joys that mortals know,

For mirth and song and that delight

Which makes the humblest dwelling bright.


Even the plainest house can be beautiful, and the tiniest home can have a very big heart. Even  if your rooms are small, keep the doors open wide! Love and happiness can find plenty of space to grow and flourish.