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To a Child Who Inquires

Maggie and Her Mother. Robert Duncan.
Maggie and Her Mother. Robert Duncan.


To a Child Who Inquires

Olga Petrova


How did you come to me, my sweet?

From the land that no man knows?

Did Mr. Stork bring you here on his wings.?

Were you born in the heart of the rose?


Did an angel fly with you down from the sky?

Were you found in a gooseberry path?

Did a fairy bring you from fairyland

To my door—that was left on a latch?

No—my darling was born of a wonderful love,

A love that was Daddy’s and mine.

A love that was human but deep and profound,

A love that was almost divine.

Do you remember, sweetheart, when we went to the zoo,

And we saw the big bear with a grouch?

And the tigers and the lions, and that tall kangaroo

That carried her babe in a pouch?


Do you remember I told you she kept them there safe

From the cold and the wind, till they grew

Big enough to take care of themselves? And, dear heart,

That’s just how I first cared for you.


I carried you under my heart, my sweet,

And I sheltered you safe from alarms;

The one wonderful day the dear God looked down,

And I snuggled you tight in my arms.