Poet Study

“It will be readily seen that if the poems become real and vivid to them, the children gain, besides the immediate joy in the life represented, and the right training of the emotions… they gain, I say, besides this, exercise to their own imagination; the wings of their fancy become fledged, and they can fly at will.”

Rev. H. C. Beeching, “An Address on the Teaching of Poetry,” Parent’s Review, Vol 3


Suggested Poets for Form I (Grades 1-3)

Biblical Psalms

Eugene Field

Edgar Albert Guest

Charles and Mary Lamb

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Christina Rossetti

Robert Lewis Stevenson


Suggested Poets for Form II (Grades 4-6)

Paul Laurence Dunbar

Henry van Dyke

Robert Frost

Rudyard Kipling

Alfred Noyes

Edgar Allan Poe

Percy Bysshe Shelley

William Wordsworth


Suggested Poets for Form III (Grades 7-9)

Emily Dickinson

William Cowper

John Donne

George Herbert

John Keats

Amy Lowell

John Milton

William Shakespeare

Alfred Lord Tennyson

Henry Vaughan


Suggested Poets for Form IV (Grades 10-12)

Robert Burns

Gilbert K. Chesterton

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Gerard Manley Hopkins

Walter Whitman

Richard Wilbur

William Butler Yeats

One thought on “Poet Study”

  1. Khalil Gibran…? :) That would be a nice poet for 10-12. Maybe a little Eastern, but still just as profound as the others on the list.
    So glad to see this blog updated all modern-like! :)

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