The Lizard

Farm Women at Work. Georges Seurat.

The Lizard

Samantha Little, 2010


A glitt’ring beetle is grasped in his wide grin—

A rich prize for future feeding,

And his eye of shifting amber, with its twin,

Watches the girl who is weeding.


” It is a silly quatrain, but the beetle shone like polished ebony in the afternoon sun, a lizard’s mouth does look ridiculously like a smile, and this lizard’s hazel gaze was particularly penetrating as he hurried along the garden bed I was preparing for tomatoes.”—from a journal entry dated November 15, 2010.

2 thoughts on “The Lizard”

  1. Lovely!
    Sometimes the silliest little things are actually art when one chooses to believe it is.
    Wow, that was pretty poetic of me! I surprise myself! Ha! :)

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